Submit a Disclosure

An invention should be developed enough that you can explain how to make or use it and have some preliminary data to show that it works. A good rule of thumb is to submit when you have a manuscript ready but prior to publishing or presenting at a meeting. If you are unsure if you should submit a disclosure, please contact a licensing staff member. 

There are three forms you can use to submit an invention:

You may either download and fill out the Word document and submit that directly to a licensing staff member, or you may submit the form directly through UI Workflow.

forms for submitting a disclosure
Invention Disclosure formWordWorkflow 
Copyright Disclosure formWordWorkflow
Research Tool Disclosure formWordWorkflow


Important Information for Submitting a Disclosure

Fill out the disclosure form as thoroughly as possible, it is critical for UIRF staff to be able to properly review your disclosure and proceed with processing. Be sure to include the following essential information with your disclosure:

  • Applicable funding information such as research grant numbers and award dates.
  •  Complete list of contributors, their contributions and place of work during invention.
  • Contributor affiliations, such as the Veterans Administration (VA). Affiliation can come in the form of funding, compensation, time or use of equipment so please be sure to report ANY affiliations you may have, even if you are unsure. 
  • If available, copies of manuscripts, publications, posters, or presentations.

Discuss with the UIRF prior to any public disclosure.

  • Even if you have publicly disclosed your innovation, it might not be too late. Please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Public disclosure immediately prevents you from obtaining most foreign patent rights, but you may still be able to obtain US patent rights if filed within a certain period.

Need help filling out the disclosure form?

Please click here for detailed instructions on how to fill out the disclosure form, or you can reach out to the licensing staff.