submit an invention

Start the process by submitting an Invention Disclosure Form (IDF)

This form applies to several kinds of discovery and inventions:

  • Devices such as a new type of biomedical tool, mechanical or electrical apparatus
  • Processes such as an improved method of purifying cells or a new software technique
  • Compositions such as a new chemical or drug compound
  • Copyrightable works such as surveys, software or educational tools
  • Software, which can be copyrighted and sometimes patented
  • Biological materials such as cell lines, plant varieties, or mouse models
  • And more

If you have questions about the form,  contact Invention Disclosure Manager Spencer Stumpf. | 319-384-3592


Do not publicly disclose your invention before consulting the UIRF

  • Even if you have publicly disclosed your invention, it might not be too late. Please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Public disclosure immediately prevents you from obtaining most foreign patent rights.
  • Public disclosure also may impact your ability to obtain U.S. patent rights.

Instances that constitute public disclosure can be found here.


Learn about how the UIRF brings your invention from the campus to the world

Review Our Process and FAQ pages to learn more about what to expect during the process.


Pre-Disclosure Checklist

Be sure to include this essential information with your invention disclosure:

  • Applicable funding information such as research grant numbers and award dates.
  • Complete list of contributors, their contributions and place of work during invention.
  • If available, copies of manuscripts, publications, posters, or presentations.


Invention Disclosure Form (IDF)

Once you are ready, we recommend that you submit your disclosure online through UI Workflow:

  • Click “Workflow” below to open the submission site in a new browser tab.
  • Login with your HawkID and password (if not already logged into Workflow).
    • Instructions for the online invention disclosure form can be downloaded here.

You may also download a form in MS Word format and submit to your licensing associate, or to Spencer Stumpf.

Faculty & Staff Invention Disclosure Form Workflow Word
Copyright Disclosure Form Word
Research Tool/Reagent Disclosure Form Workflow Word