who we are

The University of Iowa Research Foundation (UIRF) is here to help bring your ideas to the world.

The UIRF assists University of Iowa (UI) faculty researchers in the transfer of technology from the lab to the global marketplace. The UIRF team works to ensure that the world-class research created by our faculty and staff brings about a world-class impact. The office manages a wide variety of intellectual properties arising from research programs throughout the University of Iowa and  is the resource for faculty and staff researchers in the areas of patent prosecution, outgoing material transfer agreements, marketing, and licensing.

The UIRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors working to get the UI technologies and inventions out into the world. UIRF accomplishes this by:

  • Building relationships with researchers through IP protection and commercialization;
  • Working collaboratively with industry through IP licensing or other partnerships; and
  • Supporting new ventures through streamlined agreements, resources, training, and funding referrals.


University of Iowa research makes a big difference in the world, contributing to human health, safety, and well-being. Learn more about our inventions, licenses, and startups in the data below.

Annual Numbers
Description FY18 FY17 FY16 FY15 FY14 FY13
Invention Disclosures Received 143 93 151 147 139 98
U.S. Patent Applications Filed 79 83 142 110 90 85
International Applications Filed 74 65 155 90 94 57
U.S. Patents Issued 27 24 25 24 25 24
International Patents Issued 47 18 42 26 55 50
Options/Licenses Executed 51 58 40 40 32 29
Outgoing Material Transfer Agreements 138 126 128 170 131 106
Confidentiality Agreements 46 66 72 54 65 58