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Technology matters; people matter more. That’s why the University of Iowa Research Foundation is committed to forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with partners both within the university and out in the world of business.

We are looking for industry partners who:

  • Have a desire to work to the mutual benefit of all, and will partner with us to achieve this
  • Demonstrate the capability and desire to develop nascent and early-stage university technologies and bring them to market
  • Develop a viable plan and commitment to commercialize a licensed technology
  • Indicate they will share the potential commercial success of the technology with the UIRF through distribution of royalties, equity, and developmental milestone revenues

Check out our licensing process to get some insight and contact one of our licensing associates and get started today.

1. Technology Identification
Explore the University of Iowa’s cutting edge innovations in our Available Technologies. The technologies are organized by scientific category and are all currently available for licensing. If you desire additional assistance, contact the licensing staff to set up a meeting or call to discuss your needs.

2. Request for More Information
If you identify a technology of interest, we can provide additional information to help you evaluate the technology. There may be publicly available information we can provide immediately, or we may need to execute a Confidential Disclosure Agreement in order to provide non-public information. Additionally, we can provide access to inventors for further technical and scientific information.

3. Further Research
For certain technologies, you might desire to conduct research or testing to evaluate the technology further. In appropriate circumstances, we will consider an Option Agreement in that will provide you a limited time to further review the technology, and if necessary, conduct additional testing and research.

4. Licensing Agreement
If you are interested in licensing a technology, we will work with you to explore a potential licensing agreement. We have a standard license agreement template to expedite the process, but we can also work from your standard agreement if necessary.

5. Technology Development Our licensing agreements will require diligent development of the selected technology. In addition, most licensing agreements include a royalty or developmental phase payments to the UIRF. This assures that the interests of the two parties are aligned as both parties work together to toward successful development of a technology.

Sponsoring Research at UI

Research agreements between the University and outside entities come in many form and serve a wide array of purposes. They cover applied research, evaluation, training, demonstrations, material transfers, confidentiality terms, equipment loans, and more. Outgoing subawards and subcontracts also fall into this area. If interested, please visit the UI Division of Sponsored Programs, or contact them at

The best partnerships are two-way streets, with both parties bringing something valuable to the table. You bring a wealth of business acumen and up-to-the-minute industry knowledge; we bring a team ready and willing to connect you to a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. The University of Iowa also brings a slate of unique R&D assets, including:

  • University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals, the largest and most experienced university-affiliated FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the United States. UIP serves a broad spectrum of clients of all sizes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as the National Cancer Institute, Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, and FDA, and has been developing, manufacturing and testing cGMP drug products for more than 42 years.
  • The National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADs), the most sophisticated research driving simulator in the world. Developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and located in the University of Iowa Research Park, NADS offers high-fidelity, real-time driving simulation to conduct research studies for the private and public sectors, from human factors and driver impairment to connected vehicle technologies and automated vehicles.
  • The Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, which has been combining first-class scientific faculty with cutting-edge facilities for more than 30 years to reshape and define new technologies for chemical, pharmaceutical, nutritional and agrochemical industries. Located in the UI Research Park, it features state-of-the-art contract fermentation and purification facilities, a cGMP Downstream Protein Purification Facility and a cGMP contract fermentation facility.
  • The UI Center for Computer Aided Design, home to the Virtual Soldier Research Program which develops avatars for testing of everything from military equipment to vehicles in a virtual environment, and the Operator Performance Laboratory, which conducts research on human-in-the-loop and intelligent autonomous systems to increase efficiency, inter-operability, and safety.
  • MERGE: Located in the heart of downtown Iowa City, this facility–launched in fall 2016–is a hub for entrepreneurs, startup companies, engineers, technology professionals, graphic artists, hackers, students, professionals, and business resources. It includes office and meeting space as well as protostudios, a cutting-edge biomedical and electronics prototyping hub that features 3D modeling software and hardware and electronics equipment.

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